He was the one who made me grin.
Who carries me on his berm.
The one and solely superhero of my little heart.
Who comes with chocolates and hues every night.
I still remember that pale chromatic tooth while he smiles.
And I can sense his love in his kiss on my brow.
He, he was my guard.
His existence made me fearless.
A sudden bang.
It jolted me awake when I realized it was all a dream.
A dream, a bittersweet one.
A fugacious recap may be.
It has been a decade.
Still, I can feel his smell
Which must be blended within me.

Pursuing a B. Voc in Medical Laboratory Technology. began to jot down her thoughts and feelings since young. Author of the poetry collection “When My Heart bleeds ink “ with 55 heartfelt pieces of poems.

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