I’m Lost by A Cost

Through the window,
I see the pathway
-you walked away,
I feel the emotions,
Once suffered,
-when you left my side.

Glaring at the view,
Sitting beside the window,
I felt your presence.
Neglecting your absence,
Wanting to believe you’ll never leave,
I stay besides, the window,
Even when I’m numb,
Even in melancholy.

My eyes travel across the boundaries,
My mind was lost in hopelessness,
My soul craving for serenity,
My body felt numb.
Yet, I prayed and still pray,
For your presence,
Or at least,
For your serenity, in Paradise.


                How easy it is to lose someone, even when you love them in depth. How easy it is to feel utterly hurt, even when you were in utmost happiness. Mates, love yourself & love those who are there for you, your parents, your friends, alike how you love yourself, they are your wealth and health and everything you need. Everything here is temporary, hold them tight when you can. Sometimes, you feel numb, maybe it’s because of your overthinking, but, even the numbness fade in time. But the regret may hurt you, of loving a little less, therefore stay close and hold them tight. The unconditional love of your beloved is roughly rare, healing is a necessity.

Student of bachelor in pharmacy, Author of "One World, One Life, One You, BE YOU" a collection of poetry. Her main aim is to heal others and to teach others how to heal themselves. She admires writing more about mental health and books.

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