When efforts are accomplished to please others,

It is plastic and doesn’t last long.

When endeavours are done with affection and passion,

It lasts long; enhances the significance of one.


When you are questioned about being different,

Believe, that you are on the right track to attain your dreams.

When people don’t stay beside you in the present,

They don’t belong in your magnificent and victorious future.


When you have found the right bond,

Sadness and brokenness are never a hassle.

When you have found the right words,

To uplift you, going back is never an option.


When you seek positivity in negative situations,

Accept, that you are a warrior and ready to fight.

When you learn to love to enjoy little things,

Life is epic and Universe is beautiful detention.


Author of the book 'The Light Of Sparks'. She is an art student as well working as an English Tutor at Arrow and Chief Executive Officer at Quebec.

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