An entire year is greeted
With utmost ecstasy
“Happy new year”
“Have a bright year ahead”
A Couple of months passed
With different hue
Relished the days like a Slave
being released from his enslavement, not knowing
Fetched with hope, as always.
A sudden thud begins
Devastated and shrugged whilst
Enquiring the reason
Yet, it’s about a few weeks,
Maybe like arid situation in
An area.
Summer, the flickering sun
The relishing activities
Halted from being relishing.
Monsoon, the petrichor, felt
Suffocated without inhaling
And exhaling
Sensing the dew to our
Withered body, to feel alive
Is being disordered.
Winter, the flakes, melted
Without my presence.
Meadows being isolated
Without the touch of my

However, days being
Relished enthusiastically in
Isn’t that odd?
Yet, days scrawled
Into our hearts enormously.
Summer, enjoyed
With sundae and chilled
Drinks, the sun was being missed
Yet, breathing was felt enough.
Monsoon, hot pakoras being
Cooked and served, sitting in
Sensing zephyr.
Winter, dawn was sensed
Unique with a cup of tea
And dusk being relished with
Same aroma and taste.

An abrupt shock
Gulped several lives
Mother lost child
Child lost mother
It occurred endlessly.
Meanwhile, inner self-being
Tired endeavouring to arouse
Hard to survive, yet revived
With utter strength.
Besides, flesh and skin
Being contrasted
The passions were untangled
Strolled among mobs
Unearthing enough activities
To relish
Hatching from inside was bliss and

The days slipped away from
Fists without any endorsement
Days were welcomed with ecstasy
Days were spent with a mixture of emotions
Spending days were ineffable
With tranquil and trouble
Yet, amidst all worried minutes
We buried ourselves more into
Minute moments to reminiscence
Eternally in further days.

Pursuing BA in English literature. Author of a poetry book “Desire Dream Dare”, a collection of 101 poems.

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