I choose to be oblivious.
I choose to remain,
Behind the veils,
Of ignorance.

I choose to remain in the dark,
And let things be.
I choose to close my eyes,
To sights;
That invade my serenity.
I choose to not know,
Of things that are falling apart.

I lend out a deaf ear,
To the painful cries,
Of that innocent child,
Who was brutally raped and
I cannot stop, but let pass,
The story of that naive man,
With dreams in his heart,
Who was slaughtered like a sheep.

mine more than full tummy,
Refuses to digest, the numbers of kids,
Sleeping on hungry stomachs.

My comforts, shield me from the plight,
Of the homeless.
My privileges, narrow my vision,
And blur out the metaphors of the stifled.
My Happiness fills my heart to the brim,
Leaving no space for empathy, for the lives that are, ripped apart.
My life has no room, for the cries and pleas, that do not disrupt my bliss.

And being oblivious,
Shall spare me the pain, everything brings.
Remaining in the dark,
Shall spare me, the culprit tag.
And closing my eyes
Shall spare me from being a helpless spectator.

Oblivion is solace;
Safe and
And for my peace,
I choose to be oblivious.

Pursuing Bachelor's in English Literature at Govt College Madappally. Writer, Online teacher, Blogger.

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