Someday someday,
you will find yourself rereading all the stories that we together weaved out and perhaps you will embrace them for so long that you could almost feel my smell lingering around you!

Someday someday,
you will find yourself hard to have a serene sleep and perhaps you will devour all the past glittering nights ,were happiness reside

Someday someday ,
you will find two dazzling stars exchanging glances and a peck of good old memories would flash through your mind and perhaps you will take out your phone and dial my number but it would be tooo late to  paint the picture once shattered!

Someday someday,
you will feel so shabby that you would painfully realize the gaunt loss that you already have had that is a lovable heart.

Some day some day ,
you will find yourself with your innate creativity dead but rather you will turn to a machine that produces non lively creative products

Someday someday,
you will knock at my door and i will be frozen to see u and perhaps we will converse casually rather than entangling ourselves  with the spirit and nector of  reunion as your promisal of togetherness ,’always beside me ‘ did  shatter.

Someday someday,
I would have given up on my bad habit of renting others hearts for warmth and love.still i find myself that its hard to unlove someone that once mattered the most!

And someday someday,
those phenomenally beautiful beats which keeps us alive would cease and our soul enliving factory would collapse into mere brocken pieces still with an unquenchable thirst!



Nafiya Shahala C.K

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