The One I have Become

Amidst the chaos,

Often I lost my way;

My mind for what I yearned,

But all the wrong ways were worth discovering,


It was never wrong, Just not acceptable,

For the one who watches me struggle,

It was worth it because of the undiscovered ways;

Discovered magic lied within me.


In the journey, few promised to stay and then left,

Few promised and still staying having my back,

Few never promised anything,

But having their well-wishing eyes on me.



I would say, I had the best ways,

Unleashing the real me, through people, and ways.

How can I not be grateful for, The one I have become?

Strong, passionate, dreamy and euphoric

Author of the book 'The Light Of Sparks'. She is an art student as well working as an English Tutor at Arrow and Chief Executive Officer at Quebec.

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