To you my heroes


Diligent enough to cater the secure feeling
My heart always whispers  slogan of easing
True, I reckon the vultures of darkness
Will find the ultimate place of madness

Oh… martyrs of the home
You never go in single bomb
The blood that spread on the paths
Will show the way to strength

Tears rolling from the eyes 
Of your beloved are not theirs
But every single citizen too mourns
In the lose your precious tone

The wicked evils can never throw
The wills of the tricolor that flow
In the hearts and minds 
Of the sons that it binds

Oh.. comrades of the great nation
We shall win your dreams and imagination
Of a winning not only the land
But each and every slanted mind

And we, for you, shall make your sacrifice 
A threshold that gives energy suffice 
To the  peaceful tomorrows
Without agonies and pathos


Firoz Kalarikkal

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