About Us

The Impress is the official English Webzine of WIRAS (World Institute for Research in Advanced Sciences), specially devised to bring out relevant discourses to the public. The webzine tries to explore thoughts and ideas which caused to form the peaceful tradition, especially of the scholastic environment of the normative Sunni model representing traditional orthodoxy. it also highlights the themes, events, and persons who nurtured the marvelous culture and ideas. The Impress aspires scholars, researchers, and readers for contributing their own original and well-worked stuff on religion, culture, civilization, history, and contemporary issues, all of which have relevance from the side of Islamic perspective. However, all works published here will be readable to the public. We invite excellent and creative fiction pieces also. The Impress offers a special feel and contentment to its readers from wider spheres. You can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for timely updates.