Looking for submission?

We aspire authors and translators to contribute to our great endeavor. Here are the basic guidelines for submission.


● The medium of expression should be in English.

● We consider only unpublished original works with necessary footnotes and citations.

● The length of the writings should ideally be between 800-2500 words. We are ready to consider longer essays if the topic is worthy.

● Photo essays of not more than 800 words are also welcome. 7-12 images that belong to the author can be featured in the essay.

● We don’t limit words to fiction. The submissions can be experimental and as creative as the authors want them to be.

● You should attach a short bio that includes your current position, research field, and one of your personal photographs along with your submission.

● We also publish translated works. The translation shouldn’t be ambivalent or unexplained. (The translation should convey the content of source text)

● Once we receive your submission, our editorial desk will examine it and reply to you within one or two weeks. The editing process may need requests for revision and editing.

● Once The Impress accepts a work, it cannot be published in any other magazines or such platforms.

We receive your works through mail :