Covid 19: stupidity and religion


There is news and sense and then there is nuisance. While the whole of world is engaged in tackling this deadly virus Covid 19, not only in India but around the world, the human stupidity with regard to Covid 19 has resulted in many deaths. Almost fifty people were inflected at a church in South Korea after a church official spread salt water into the mouth of worshipers, for they believed it will kill the virus. Some people despite being warned make a fun of all the announcements. Amidst this global stupidity how could the Indian covidiot Hindu mahasabhas lag behind. This stupidity encouraged a person in Bengal to set up a stall and sell cow urine five hundred rupees a liter and five hundred for one kilogram of cow dung. He sold these things as a cure for coronavirus. This man claimed that he was motivated by clip of govmutra party on television; “I realized I can make a big profit and I can make use of every part of my cow in my business.” In yet another bizarre episode another BJP activist was arrested for throwing a party of cow urine, after one of the guys reportedly fell ill soon after the party ended. I am sure if this party would have been thrown in a state like Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh, you would certainly been declared as nationalist and I am sure you could have shifted the career from being a milkman to the extent of an MP in these states.
When the rest of media around the world is doing their part to create awareness among the masses about it, the godi media is engaged in highlighting few buzz words in their shows, the pick of the words are: Pakistan, Opposition, JNU Shaheen bagh and add to it the latest Tableegi Jamat and to substantiate their arguments they know how to play with words. If you ask like economy going down, blame it on JNU, BJP losing in Delhi, call it a conspiracy of Shaheen Bagh and any terror attack , the simple resort is to call it an attempt to dismantle country by Pakistan. However, with this newly Covid 19 arrival, it was felt that the discourse will shift the narrative to the necessary precautions that must be supported to ensure that it does not spread among the general masses. But was it really so, the answer is no, in fact they began to use Shaheen Bagh as a weapon and claimed that it is deadly virus than Covid 19. Now the attack is on Tableegi Jamat. These self- proclaimed heroes claim that people sitting in these gatherings are intentionally trying to devastate country by getting it transferred through human to human touch. Not that I support the social gathering during this epidemic emergency. I agree that social distancing is meant to save the lives and is the only way to tackle it in the best possible way as far as India is concerned. But calling Shaheen Bagh as “anti-India and anti-Hindu and money guzzling and opportunistic movement” is something that people in general will not buy, leave alone the Shaheen Bagh protesters. Questioning the integrity of Tableegi Jamat will leave scarson the face of those who have failed to answer that the gathering was held on 13- 15 Feb., thereafter many worshiping places were operative, so why question Tableegi Jamaat only. Don’t forget many temple authorities allowed devotees to their temples. There was no formal order to close down them. They did not talk about gathering of Mandir in Andhra Pradesh and Mela in Uttar Pradesh where millions of devotees assemble for congregation. How about kumbh mela, how about the different political gatherings by all political leaders. How about Kanika Kapoor, she went to party and met many ministers and friends there. This is simply height of shrewdness and stupidity. They did not and will not because they are very selective in highlighting the issues of a target group. One is wonderstruck at the stupidity that people have shown while beating the Taali and Thaali, how is this going to help us. Now next we were instructed to burn candles for nine minutes on Sunday. I wonder what we earned out of the beating that was followed by the Bhakts. Have we been able to stop viruses from spreading? What more are we going to earn out of this new trend. It appears to me as if we are celebrating birthday of Corona and no wonder next task might be to play Holi. What eats me up is that the amount spent on these candles could be used as a fund to buy masks which are short in the market. That can help somehow. If we really think we should fight it, help our doctors in getting test kits as much as you can. Get them better and basic things, like masks, uniform and gloves. We better should look for the avenues that can be utilized in this desperate situation. While the rest of countries are taking every possible measure to ensure that the deadly Virus Covid 19 is stopped from any further expansion, our andhbhakts drill the drums even the tins of every household like anything and now burning candles, God knows what is next in store for us. They think it is a demon and will be fooled by these chanting.
It is high time to take care of all the necessary precautions, wash your hands with sanitizers, keep yourself socially distanced, use masks, avoid going to social gatherings and above all STAY AT HOME OR ELSE REST IN PEACE.


Dr. Mudasir Ahmed Gori

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