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For the time being, people are much busy on online games, no matter the gender or age, many of the group are used to play online games. There are frequent sort of digital games ‘cartoon’ liked or the aggressive ones perfects on kids to adults. The computer era bought us the digital games it’s assumed that the game ‘Space War’ is the first game ever created by Stephen Russel in 1962. It’s 16 years after the invention of ENIAC the first computer. Video games are also the same form with dinky alteration. Some games are exclusively for consols some are for mobiles and some are for browsers.
It’s heared that ‘PONG’ is the first video game corresponding allied with a screen with joysticks. ‘PONG’ is a elementary game of table tennis it is of arcade video games. When the eon of the mobile industry hold the neck of the glob amidst mobile games also took a seat on the rostrum. Game named ‘TETRIS’ kind of brick game, player’s task is to spruce up the bricks on the base without any inconsistency keeps swiping down and gaining point.  It is the first mobile game came on the platform on 1997. Before the contraption of mobile games there was an online game on PC called ‘MUD’confined with an internal network created on 1978.
Later technology grows alongside games also germinates. On mobile games we could see the game ‘Snake’ on the early 1997 released on nokia mobile phones, on the time we saw the game ‘Road Rash’ on PCs released on 1993 which gaines much popularity among the teenagers. Many more games like ‘Super Mario’, ‘Prince’, ‘Counterstrike’ came in to the platform.An Edinburgh based studio company ‘Rockstar North’ published Grant Theft Auto (GTA) series game called ‘GTA Vice City’ on 2002 on single player mode made huge impact on Computer based gaming industries, the original version of this games are either purchased on a DVD drive or downloaded on internet, the size of this game exceedes more than 700MB, thus it has sold only on DVD on offline market, but more than that hackers hacked the original versions and sold on black market in India because at that time in India only less has internet connection and most of the computers doesn’t support DVD drive, so hackers zipped the files in two CDRs and merged both files in one folder to play the file.
On a time mobile games used to make huge profits by selling car/bike racing themed games. ‘Need For Speed’, Asphalt, are some examples, later mobile companies tied up with some game companies and bought inbuilt games on there products. Nowadays we can see most popular games like ‘Subway Surface’ boasting over 2.7 Billion downloads and ‘Candy Crush Saga’ released by King publishers on every software platforms are absolutely free to download, we see that company has reportedly earning almost 1 Million Dollars per day.! The series of this game has received over 2.7 Billion downloads.
The release of the game ‘Players Unknown Battle Games’ (PUBG) gained much popularity all over the globe, an online game bought a kind of revolution on online games  on 2017 December a subsidiary of South Korean video game company ‘Blue Hole’ became most downloaded online multiplayer game on every stream, this game is played by kid to adult. In this game nearly hundreds of unknown players team up by four, two or single and scavenge for weapons and kills the unknown players while avoiding getting killed by other unknown players, the last player or the team standing wins the round and it is called ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’.! This game has made people mostly teenagers to immerse on it and it’s highly addictive. Once on a questionnaire with Prime Minister of India highlited about the addiction of PUBG game on teenagers, shortly after that PUBG has banned several cities in india. Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara placed the ban. Districts like Bhavnagar, Gir Somnath and Aravally district administration has also placed the ban. Countries like Nepal, China, Iraq has nationwide complete ban on this game. Back in December 2018 men hostel of Vellore institute of technology in Tamilnadu had a circular warning of students against playing late night online games with special mentioning of PUBG it says it is spoiling the atmosphere of the hostel. This game has a mic that we can talk with the fellow players it disturbs the sleep of other students in the dormitory, whatever the record profit of the public corporation has reported the revenue earning of 920 billion dollars which is equal to 6363 crore Indian rupees Indian rupees!. People also earns indirectly from PUBG there are many ethical and unethical ways to earn. Ethical base like live streaming of his play through YouTube, monetizing the videos making competitions and earning feedbacks etc. Also it has witnessed many  unethical ways like by selling hacks, illegal betting in custom rooms selling a rank push accounts etc. Hacking of online games results in permanent ban of the account as well as the device.
During these quarantaine days so many rushes and high ping on the online games both in heavy games like pubg and also many online multiplier play with your friends game like Ludo carrom and pool games which can be played with your own friends by sharing a room code of the game via WhatsApp. Not all games are meant to be played inside the room but the game like Pokemon go is Augmented Reality mobile games (AR) is an real experience of real world environment where the objects that in the real world are enhanced by computer generated perciptual information. As place move within their real-world surroundings and their avatars move within the games map, different Pokemon species present in different areas of the world for example to find out water type Pokemon are generally found near water so the player needs to go beach or river to find out the water type Pokemon with his mobile phone. Apart from that there are many on collision course games are running over the world with the adultery sexual content games. Sexist, racists, shaky games like ‘Dungeon Hunter’ which banned in India due to hazardous content of violation, also there are many games which was found out recently by the government while arresting a teenager overspeeding on a highway with a superbike, his task was given by an online game to complete thousands of kilometres in a given time with his superbike, this phenomenon has led to instances of imitative self-harming and copycat groups, leaving vulnerable children at risk. The Blue whale game has 50 tasks to complete and the last task is to do suicide in a certain way which the game gives.
Students are also active players in online games. It is not surprising that they may play dawn to dusk online, such games has both pros and cons as everything, if we talk about positive impact of online games it may be astonishing for somebody but really there are many games that only anchorage improve cognitive operations, the games like strategies puzzles chess etc which stimulate brain activity. Some games for kids store in game informations like memorizing footmarks as many of game gamers knows all the route map of GTA vice City and the Erangal map of PUBG mobile. Also game develops the corporation skills and teamwork most of the online game requires this experimentation being loss leads to figure out what direction would like to develop.
Reality is that the games brings mental happiness and entertainment.
There are many other types of games betting and playing rummy with Bitcoins or there are many other custom rooms which play Rummy like games online. Government is note taking any remedial measures to to stop this and arrest the illegal players as they did to the offline Rummy players in the countryside. Whatever if we go through the cons of the game leads to addiction, lack of time for other activities people become obsessed with the virtual world loss sense of reality addiction is serious psychological problem requires treatment. Also playing some Ammo-Nation games leads to aggressive behaviour, isolation from society and also leads to serious health problems especially bad influence on eyesight. Anyway apart from the negativity, we can say if we schedule a time for games it will give us good mental health and it is a perfect way to get rid of stress.


Shaikh Rifae Gulistani

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